Monday, May 10, 2010

What Happens at Girls Camp Stays at Girls Camp...

Ok, So I just needed a "test" video to see if I could even get this to work. And I think that I did, we will see. So I guess enjoy watching me be my special self! :) ... So much for the what happens at camp stays at camp, right? (I am the one who put it on though, so I cant complain too much. :) ) ....I'm ganna stop talking now...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun on Fridays!

Hey! yeah...So I'm not ganna lie, I sorta forgot that I had a blog till a few min ago. haha! I remembered though! and I am putting up a new post! Yay!

So on Fridays I am home from school and get to hang out with my cute little brother Grady! We were playing around with my web camera and took some fun pictures together.

He Is a Cute Kid! You cant really tell but we are both still in our Pj's too, even though its like 12pm. haha! Fridays are fun!

Grady has these toy trains that he loves to play with. Every once in a while I will do magic tricks and pull things out of his ear to entertain him, like candy or something. Well earlier Friday morning he came to me and wanted me to pull his toy train out of his ear (he couldn't find it) so Luckily it was close by and I was able to pull it out of his ear. That afternoon around 3 or so I was in my room doing hw and hear him crying, so I go upstairs and ask My other brother and sister (Geoffrey and Kristianna) why he is crying, and they tell me that he wants them to pull his train out of his ear so he could play with it. haha! I got his train and was able to pull it out of his ear for him. haha! I got a good laugh out of that.

I told Grady to make a funny face....but he is just too cute! haha!

I had to teach him how to make the classic Crawford silly face! (I did this just for you Tyler!) :D

....I am not sure exactly what this face is....Grady came up with it. :)

....He came up with this one as well!

Here are some more funny faces...

What a cute kid huh? No matter what he does its cute! haha!

I always have fun with him when we spend time together! I always am looking forward to Fridays so that I can hang out with my little buddy! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Web Cam

Ok so i got a new lap top and it has a web camera on it. i discovered the other day that i can take pictures with my cool new web cam! and so of course when i get bored this is what i do.

Fish Face!

Dork Face
This Fat Face was actually pretty hard to do, and hurt a bit. But i think it was worth it! it looks pretty good! :)
Fat Face

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Sugery!

this is my gross foot before i had surgery on it. if you see the bump sticking out on the side of my foot...well that is my bone, and it isnt supposed to look like that. the bones in my foot grew crooked and so what they did in the surgery was open up my foot, take a chunck of my bone out, move my bones to where they are supposed to be, screwed my bones together and sewed me back up. This is me just before i went in to get surgery. i had to wait a while for the docs to come and give me the OK. you can see the IV in my hand, which i still have a scar from. it put fluids into my system because i had to fast before the surgery. and i would like to point out my wonderful head wear and clothing. this really should be the new fashion. actually, i was very ...uncomfortable in it. to go along with this wonderful out fit was a big long sock that would keep me from getting blood clots and a nice hospital sock to keep my foot warm, cause it was freezing in there. but i only had this on one foot of course.ok so after a while the second doctor came in and gave me something to "relax" me. i asked him how long it took to kick in, he said about 30 sec and i was like oh...heh heh, am i supposed to be getting dizzy? and he said yes. and i told him that it was working. from here on everything was very funny to me and i was laughing for no reason. as you can see in this picture. what you cant see are the tears. i started crying from laughing so hard. well sooner then i expected they took me into the operating room and one of the nurses said i was funny. the doctor was putting my oxygem mask on my face and he had to tell me not to help him put it on, cause i was. after he put it on me i asked him if it was supposed to be in my eye (cuz part of it was) but half laughing i told him it didnt really matter, huh, cause i wouldn't notice it in a bit. after i ended up moving it anyways. i started talking to the nurses on both sides of me. i asked them what there names where and told one that she had a pretty apron. then i was out after that.
well after the surgery i wasn't as cheery as i was before. when i first woke up i could barely lift my head. i thought to myself that it was cold, but i guess i really said it out loud and the nurse put this big blanket on me. i told her she was nice (obviously still "relaxed" a bit) she asked me my pain level on a scale of one to ten. she asked me this a couple times and every time she asked i gave her a number and a half. the third time she asked me i wanted to go back and change my answers that i told her before. she was amused by me. my mom just laughed. well after this it was a neat experience getting dressed into my normal clothes again and after a while we were able to go back home.
this is the lovely boot that i got to wear for two weeks while the stitches were healing after my surgery.
it wasn't wasnt to long till i was back in the ER that night. the pain was...well lets just say that it felt like someone had taken a knife, stabbed it in my foot and dragged it down...oh wait, that IS what happened. they gave me a shot in my bum and changed the drugs that i had. you can see from my red and puffy eyes that i was crying, and i don't normally cry. once i was feeling better we went home and i was able to sleep. one of the nice things about my drugs was that they made me tired, so that helped me to sleep at night and take away the pain. the down side to the drugs was that they made me tired, weak, gave me a head ache, had no apatite, wasn't able to remember things, and made me twitchy. But other then that...they suited me fine. Oh, and notice my nice socks i have on. Trendy.
Finally, after a lot of hurting and movies(60) and being extremely bored, two weeks later the day finally came where i got tosee what my foot looked like, get my stitches out, and get a cast.
WARNING: some pictures below may be a little graphic for some.
This is the back of my heal. i am not really sure how it got this way, but it was sore in the boot and now i can see why. there were a bunch of sore red lines going across too. (the picture is sideways)
These are my fat sausage toes.
After the Stitches were removed.
This is a picture of me getting my xrays of my foot. its also a picture of me right before i passed out. i told the nurse guy who was taking the xrays that i was getting dizzy. and so i leaned against the wall and then things started to get blurry. and that is all i remember. but my mom says that they nurse was right there and caught me and told me and he told me to put my arm around his neck (i was out by then and didn't hear any of that). the doc pulled open the wheel chair and the nurse set me in it. my mom says that i started to slide out of the chair. i was out for about two min. and then when i started to wake up it was just like what you see in the movies. there were a bunch of heads above me and i didn't know where i was or what happened. i was so hot and clammy and i had a head ache. they put a wet rag on my head and some water. it took a while, but i started to feel better after a bit.
Here is me after i passed out. my mom said i looked really pale. they had to redo the xrays cause i put weight on my foot when i passed out. but everything was fine. it made for an even more exciting visit.
Here is the xray of my foot. as you can see the wonderful pins that will be in my foot for the rest of my life and will make me beep when i go through the air port. but my bones look straight. isn't it wonderful!
And Finally, my beautiful pink cast!

This is Angela. She is my friend wolf spider that lives in my window well. She is about the size of an Oreo cookie. She makes for good conversation when i get bored. Its sad, i know, but i talked to her for about an hour or so once. ...i know i am a looser.

About ME!

Hello everyone! well my name is Kathe and this is my blog! so welcome one and all. Well, i will tell you just a few things about me. First off, i love to sing! i love music and everything about it! it is one of my passions and brings me joy. i also enjoy playing the violin and the piano. i don't play either of them very well but i am working on it. I am majoring in music edu. and am going to become a choir teacher. I also am minoring in music performance. I enjoy reading, going for walks and bike rides. I love to go running. It is how i release my stress and i also just enjoy it. I like to hang out with my friends and be a little crazy sometimes. I think being a little crazy sometimes is good for your health. Well, that is all i can really think of about myself. Kind of sad i know, but it's something for now.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Get It Started!

Well, i gave in. I have a Blog now. still working on getting it set up. i will get some pictures up soon and all of that fun stuff. but for now, this is all there is till i figure out how it works. :)